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I’m CJ Grisham, and with your support, you and I can keep Texas Free and Strong.

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CJ Grisham Files for the District 55 Race

November 13, 2017
TEMPLE, TX-On Monday, November 13, 2017, CJ Grisham filed to run against incumbent Hugh Shine in the Texas House District 55 Republican Primary. "Bell County deserves a principled fighter, not an establishment politician. I want to go to Austin to serve the people; not to be served by the people," said Grisham. "I will be a principled fighter for our shared, conservative values" ... Read More

CJ Grisham for Texas State Representative HD 55

November 1, 2017
Why am I running for HD55 Representative? Because while I was in physical combat, I believed that no one should be left behind. As HD 55 Representative, I will not leave our citizens behind on the political battlefield either. We need a fighter who will say what he does and do what he says; someone with focus, tenacity, self-confidence, and determination to get government out of our lives. I have a record of standing up for what's right,... Read More
Texas Free and Strong
"We need a fighter who will say what he does and do what he says. I have literally put my life on the line on both foreign and domestic soil in the preservation of our individual liberties."

CJ Grisham’s Plan

CJ Grisham is a proven conservative leader who will continue legislative successes that promote the freedom and prosperity of Texans. CJ Grisham will be the strongest defender of our God given rights.

Cut Taxes

Texans are taxed enough already. Government should work efficiently within a budget and not keep asking for more.


Private industry brings prosperity to Texans. It’s time to stop over-regulation and crony spending that prevents job creation.


I understand the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families. Veterans and military families should get the support they deserve.


Obamacare is causing too many to struggle. Texas should empower free market solutions that provide affordable, quality care.


Our children and teachers deserve the best, including high standards, appropriate pay, and innovative solutions.

Second Amendment

I will continue to stand for our Second Amendment and God given rights, allowing effective personal defense for Texans.


The unborn and the elderly need a strong advocate. Every Texan’s right to life should be protected.

Law & Order

Effective public safety policy should keep Texans and police officers safe. Border security should be effective and appropriate.

CJ Grisham, Republican for Texas House District 55

Texas House District 55 represents most of Bell County—including Temple, Belton, Troy, Holland, Rogers, Morgan's Point, and portions of Killeen and Fort Hood—in the Texas House of Representatives.

The 2018 primary election day is March 6, 2018. Early voting starts February 20, 2018, the day after Presidents' Day.

The last day to register to vote is Monday, February 5, 2018. You can check your voter registration status on the Texas Secretary of State website.