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On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, I was tasered, physically injured, and arrested by Olmos Park police while peacefully walking down a public sidewalk openly carrying a legally owned handgun with a license. I was denied sufficient medical treatment for the injury to my head and I was further abused while in police custody.

Normally, it is the arrested individual who might remain silent. But in this case, it was the police who refused to talk. They remained silent as I asked what crime I had committed. They would not speak to me.

On Monday, March 26, 2018, I asked Olmos Police Chief Rene Valenciano if recent police interactions with gun owners are acceptable. “I don’t think it’s an issue that I need to address,” Valenciano told me.

I asked Chief Valenciano if I would be forced on my face if I open carry in Olmos Park. He refused to respond and told me it was a “very unreasonable question to ask.” He told me: “Provided that you have a license to carry a handgun and you are not committing any criminal activity, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

Video-footage show that is NOT what happened when I open carried on Tuesday. Chief Valenciano approached me. I asked if he was the chief. “I am,” he said. “Get on the ground,” while another officer was giving me different commands. Since I did not act quickly enough to one or the other officer’s commands, the Chief of Police, knowing I was not a threat and knowing I was not committing criminal activity, tasered me, injured me and had me arrested.

CJ's phone call with Chief Valenciano

Arrest Streamed Live from Facebook
(Warning: Mature language)

Petition Against Government Abuse of Lawful Gun Owners

Dear Governor Abbott, Legislators, Mayor Hornberger, and Chief Valenciano:

I am outraged at the Olmos Park Police Department's abuse of lawful gun owners. It is unacceptable for government employees to terrorize citizens for openly carrying guns. Open carry of firearms is legal in Texas, and cities and police must respect our gun rights, our Constitutional rights, our civil rights, and the laws of the State of Texas.

We shall be treated as equal citizens and not as abused subjects.

I petition you to immediately drop all charges against CJ Grisham and all other gun owners. I respectfully request you to immediately cease the enforcement of abusive laws and end all other abuse of gun owners, including the repeal of illegal gun restrictions. Finally, I demand that all government employees involved in the abuse of gun owners be permanently banned from government employment in the State of Texas.

I support CJ Grisham and will do everything in my power to hold Olmos Park accountable for the series of abuses against gun owners. I will not support you unless things change for the better. If you fail to correct the serious abuses against Texas citizens, I will fight to replace you with a leader who will protect the rights and freedoms of Texans.