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“The family is one of God’s greatest fortresses against the evils of our day. Help keep your family strong and close and worthy of our Father in Heaven’s blessings. As you do, you will receive faith and strength which will bless your lives forever.” 

- Ezra Taft Benson



Welcome to my website. I created this page initially as part of a class on webpage design, but I'm going to try and keep it updated with videos, pictures and blog postings for anyone that cares. I won't have much here by way of my family photos and such due to the kinds of threats I get against me and them.


By now, most people know my story. I grew up as a Navy brat, traveling the world and country with my step-father and mother. While I'm a native Temple Texan, I spent most of my life between Florida and Japan. I graduated from Camp Zama American High School there, though I spend the previous years attending Jefferson Davis Jr. High School and Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville, Florida. So, I claim both schools. Growing up I spent my summers splitting my time between living my dad, Bill Grisham, in San Antonio and working on the family farm in Temple.

My dad is the main influence in my life for actually standing up for freedom. He taught me to respect and revere the liberties we have and the Constitution of the United States which theoretically protects them. I remember going to my first concert (Santana) back in the 80s with my dad to man a booth to protest the PMRC, a Tipper Gore led group that was pushing to put censorship labels on music releases in response to her disgust with 2 Live Crew and N.W.A., among others. So, I grew up with a healthy respect for those that stand for constitutional values even I was only around him during the summers.

After graduating, I ended up joining the Army after my sister basically set me up. I had long purple hair when I joined the Army because it was the last thing I ever thought I was going to do. However, when I took that oath in San Antonio it meant something to me. It wasn't just a right of passage or something I had to repeat. I meant every word and took it literally: "I, CJ Grisham, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

I guess my own activism really began after I got home from Iraq and people like Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink were slandering our troops and what we accomplished over there. I also started a very popular military blog called A Soldier's Perspective. I attended rallies and presentations given by people telling lies about what we were doing over there. Then, on April 15, 2009 I provided the sound system for the first Tea Party gathering in Huntsville, Alabama. A few months later, I was embroiled in an issue with my kids' school district over school uniforms (video is on activism page). Also this year, the Army Vice Chief of Staff General Pete Chiarelli was working hard to remove the stigma of PTSD so that Soldiers felt like they could seek help without retribution. During an interview I had with him, I went public about my own struggles. I set out to help myself and my fellow troops by leading by example.

When I moved to Fort Hood, my activism continued for troops and gun issues. In March 2013, I went to my city council and asked them to pass a resolution I provided to them that would protect the right to keep and bear arms by making a policy that barred the use of city resources to enforce federal gun control laws that were more strict than state law. They refused to even consider it because "we all took an oath to support the constitution and we support gun rights." A little over a week later, I was arrested while hiking with my son and lawfully carrying a gun in the city. This led to the founding of Open Carry Texas and other gun groups throughout the state to push for more gun rights.


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