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LTC Handgun Class Campaign Fundraiser

Get a new gun for Christmas? Now it's time to get that government permission slip to "legally" defend yourself in Texas. Not only will you be learning about Texas firearm laws from a great instructor at a great facility, but you'll be supporting CJ Grisham's campaign to make that permission slip voluntary... With the constitutional carry legislation Grisham will fight for, every law abiding Texan who can legally purchase and possess a firearm will be able to carry it without a license within the state. 34 other states have unlicensed carry (12 don't require a license for open or concealed carry). Get your license to carry and support the most pro-gun candidate in the House District 55 race.

CJ Grisham presenting information on open carry

When: Saturday, January 27, 2018 beginning at 9am

Where: Hawkeye Shooting Academy, 119 N 19th St, Temple, Texas, 76504

Be sure to RSVP on Facebook and share the Facebook event with others: Everyone deserves to be able to effectively defend life.

A minimum donation of $60 secures your spot for the course and also covers the range fee for the state required proficiency test. And with your donation of $250 or $100, the CJ Grisham Campaign will be able to do even more to elect the most pro-gun candidate to the Texas House. This is an excellent opportunity to protect both your family and your rights.

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