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CJ Grisham for Texas State Representative HD 55

November 1, 2017

Why am I running for HD55 Representative? Because while I was in physical combat, I believed that no one should be left behind. As HD 55 Representative, I will not leave our citizens behind on the political battlefield either. We need a fighter who will say what he does and do what he says; someone with focus, tenacity, self-confidence, and determination to get government out of our lives.

I have a record of standing up for what's right, even when it's not necessarily popular. I have literally put my life on the line on both foreign and domestic soil in the preservation of our individual liberties. I have unceasingly held politicians and government officials accountable at every level of government.

I will protect the most vulnerable people in our society: the unborn and the elderly. I will fight to get the boot of government off the throats of Texas taxpayers and slay the bureaucratic behemoth that steals our money through fees and a multitude of taxing authorities. I will return constitutional liberties that were stolen from every one of us in 1876.

When I leave the legislature, my success will not be in how many laws I get passed; but how many laws I get repealed. Big government Republicans have infested every aspect of our lives with regulations, laws, and mandates that are crushing our independent spirit, stifling individual progress, and suppressing individual worth. That ends this election.

Liberal Republican Speaker Strauss is retiring. It's time for his faithful lieutenants to be sent home as well. Help me make Texas Free and Strong again.