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CJ Grisham Announces Virtual Wall to End Illegal Immigration, Launches Petition

February 5, 2018

Republican candidate for state representative CJ Grisham announced on Monday his plan to create a “virtual wall” to address border security and illegal immigration.

“I will work to create a virtual wall between Texas and illegal immigration, and we do that by cutting off 100% of public funds used to support illegal immigration,” said Grisham. “It’s outrageous that our tax dollars are being used to encourage illegal behavior.”

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration costs Texas taxpayers about $12 billion annually.

A petition to “secure our border now” was launched online at CJ4BorderSecurity.com. Campaigners will collect petition signatures throughout Bell County. The petition calls upon President Trump, Governor Abbott, and legislators to “secure our borders, end funding to illegal immigrants, ban sanctuary cities, and to enforce our existing immigration laws.”

“While serving in South and Central America, I identified and neutralized human traffickers, drug cartels, and gangs to keep them from getting to our border and endangering Americans,” said Grisham. “I know what is coming from the South and Central American countries up to our borders, and it concerns me as an American, as a veteran, and as a Texan that we aren't doing everything we can to ensure that our borders are secured.”

“As state representative, I will continue fighting to ban sanctuary cities, secure our borders, and end public funding of programs that promote illegal immigration.”