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Iraq Pics

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pile of AK47s

This was a cache of Iraqi weapons we uncovered from a bombed out building near Baghdad.

iraqi kid

The grandson of the friends we made in Baghdad. He provided us with a lot of information and saved many lives (not this little guy!).

first iraqi battle flag

The first Iraqi flag we captured outside of As Samawah

signing autograph
A lot of people think we were hated in Iraq thanks to the media, but we were actually welcomed warmly by most Iraqis. Kids constantly asked us for our "Michael Jackson" (autograph). If you click the image, you'll see my first camel ride that I traded for a cigarette (which I had to borrow from someone else.)

camp new york

This was taken on Camp New York prior to the invasion. It was out in the middle of nowhere near the border

china spook security

This was my security team in Baghdad. Our callsign was China Spook while we were attached to 3-15 Infantry. This was a great of guys to be associated with.

counting money

So, I got a call that I needed to go up and see the S3 (operations officer). When I get up there, he hands me a bag full of cash and says, "We need to hold onto this until tomorrow because we trust you with it. You're a Mormon right?" I I signed for $65k. When I got back to my room (in one of Saddam's palaces) I counted the money again and found a pocket with an additional $15k. I immediately went back to the S3 to update my hand receipt. They were shocked and looked at me like I was an idiot.

going undercover

Going undercover. Don't worry, it was at night so they didn't notice I was a gringo.

field exercise

A couple of confiscated G3 rifles I snagged from a raid in Fallujah.

veterans freedom walk

Most of my platoon before we split up to be attached to various frontline units.

standing around in a group

Listening to Warrant Officers talk about how great they are.

iraqi bmp

What else is there to do with an Iraqi BMP? Although, they did have some delicious field rations inside some of them.

iraqi clothing

Getting ready to head out to mark some targets from within downtown Fallujah at night.

saving a little girl from being raped

These boys came to use because their sister (pictured here) was being threatened by some Iraqi dude with rape. Let's just say he probably won't try that again.

giving candy to kids

One of my favorite things to do in Iraq was make kids smile. War zones are dangerous places and it's hard to be a kid in those circumstances. We wanted to make them happy and also show that we aren't bad guys. I literally had an entire tough box full of Tootsie Rolls that I had saved up for six months.

the map

Going over a "map" that a Second Lieutenant brought us to analyze. I got with the S2 and S3 and asked if I could yank his chain a bit. I gave this big elaborate presentation about this great map he found and started pointing out all the valuable intel. That is, until my final reveal that the "map" he brought us was nothing more than a sewing pattern. Everyone got a good laugh out of it.

bb gun man

This guy kept poking his head around the corner of a building suspiciously and we noticed he had a rifle. We chased him down and it turns out he was carrying an air rifle. He's lucky he wasn't killed.

relaxing with shiek

Relaxing before lunch with a shiek on the outskirts of Fallujah.

lunch with shiek

He had a great spread for us and we were full after this.

team briefing

Briefing my team on a mission into Fallujah after a mosque explosion. We were sent in to figure out what happened from the people nearby. Everyone had a different, with a few even saying that it was a UFO.

american propaganda

Handing out American propaganda.

posing at the parade grounds

I am mocking a famous photo of Saddam Hussein at this very spot at the parade grounds in Baghdad. The Crossed Sabers are not far from here.

iraqi 9/11 mural

Saddam reveled in 9/11. There were murals like this everywhere.

posing in front of tank

Right after my first battle in As Samawah, but before I was injured during an artillery strike.

gas gas gas

The joy of SCUDs landing nearby. I got pretty good at donning my mask quickly.

playing soccer with iraqi kids

Playing soccer with some kids in Fallujah on a field we cleaned up and set up for them..

our combat puppy

This dog literally saved our life. Well, his mom did. As we were leaving the compound east of Fallujah, we heard and saw a big explosion about a half mile down the road we were on. When we got to it, there were dog parts all over, including several puppies. This is the only one that survived, so we adopted him. We called him Spooky Voodoolicious McSkinkALot, which is a combination of calls signs between my team and the psyops team we were with (and he stunk really bad before we washed him up).

team meeting

Just shooting the breeze getting ready for the push into Iraq.

Bradley column

1/64 Armor Tuskers on the move! I loved being attached to 1/64. I was with them during the two Thunder Runs into Baghdad.


We found this bunker north of Fallujah and it had a bunch of missile and UAV type parts. Oddly, it didn't look like it had been rummaged through by scavengers or insurgents when we found it.

first prisoner of war

This was our first prisoner of war. We caught him when he surrended after the battle at As Samawah. I think he was the tallest and most fit Iraqi I saw the entire war.

intelligence report writing

After all the fun of battles and interrogations comes the boring part of writing up my intelligence reports.

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