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Pics from our trip to Arches National Park

(click on images for full pic)

delicate arch

Delicate Arch. We didn't get to do the 3 mile hike to see it up close, but we'll be back!

balanced rock

This is Balanced Rock. A huge sandstone boulder perched on a narrow pedestal seems to defy gravity.

pine tree arch

Pine Tree Arch

landscape arch

Landscape Arch. Not sure that the picture does it justice just how long this is (over 290 feet long).

tapestry arch

Tapestry Arch

sand dune arch wall

The wall next to Sand Dune Arch

broken arch

Broken Arch

I don't think this has a name, but I chose this part of the image as the thumbnail to highlight the "Soldier" I see in the picture. His back is facing us, head turned slightly to the right, with his arms around knees that pulled to his chest. The bigger image shows what I think is our Savior & Shepherd looking over him.

fiery furnace

The Fiery Furnace! You can only do guided tours through this maze of formations. We didn't do it.

three gossips

The Three Gossips

teetering rock

I don't remember what this is called either, but it looks like the rock was picked up on moved closer to the edge. Kind of looks like a Pharoah now.

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