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"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

- Denis Waitley



This is the video that started the transition from me being an advocate for constitutional liberties to an activist.

This was my testimony during an interim hearing on gun rights between legislative sessions. Little did they know that this would become a much larger monster.

This was my opening speech at our Carry To The Capitol event at the start of the 84th Legislature.

Here, I was testifying at a TABC hearing to determine if they were going to allow certain areas where guns are sold to sell alcohol. The premise of this is that the TABC wanted to ban the sale of ammunition where alcohol is being sold and I was testifying against that.

Here is an interview with Alex Jones prior to my trial for "interference."

This was my speech at the annual 2.23 rally for gun rights at the capitol in 2015. As you tell, I'm a bit riled up here.

The fireworks start at about the 7:44 mark. In this video, I had organized a huge gathering of parents in order to get the PTA to oppose the principal's unwelcome uniform policy. The principal and the PTA president colluded to try and stop us. When I got kicked out, other parents got extremely angry. We ended up getting the policy overturned (though it was implemented the following school year...after I had moved to Texas).


Great Americans I've Been Honored to Meet
(Not an exhaustive list)

Places I've Been

wisconsin carry

One of the Wisconsin Carry Patriots came down to hang out with us!

brady texas
Brady, Texas - the geographic center of Texas.
glenn beck
After my arrest, I had the opportunity to meet Glenn Beck at the NRA Convention in Houston.
keller texas
In Keller, Texas talking to a gun control supporter.
kay bailey hutchinson
First Texas lady senator, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson in Killeen.
corpus christi
In Corpus Christi on a beautiful summer day.
Patriots gathering at the Gonzales Come And Take It Parade.
hamilton county
At the Hamilton County Courthouse.

san antonio
With leaders from Texas Carry and Come And Take It Texas gun rights groups.

cj and alfonso Alfonso and another of our members became the unfortunate victims of both anti- and pro-grun groups when a picture from an event at Chipotle became widespread of them carrying their rifles. What most people conveniently don't know is that we were INVITED into the restaurant and we had uniformed cops with us.


Working with law enforcement.

One of the keys to the success of Open Carry Texas was that we worked with law enforcement to the greatest extent possible, although we never allowed them to run over us. Here are just some photos of interactions with police. These are just a few pictures that I will add to as I seek out more from my computer.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.
During the Line In The Sand event at the Alamo, we brought over 1200 armed patriots to the Alamo to protest the citation of three citizens for lawful carry. This is me and Chief McManus discussing security and how we prevent it from happening again.


Giving an open carry presentation to Harlingen PD
I've given presentations on open carry and campus carry to police departments across the state, sometimes traveling eight hours round trip. This one was in Harlingen, Texas, that I gave after one of our members was hassled down there. The Chief was a great man who instituted change immediately.


  Rosenberg PD
Here I am with the Rosenberg Police Chief Dallis Warren and Lieutenant William Henry presenting them with Open Carry Texas belt buckles for their efforts to educate and train their law enforcement officers on how to positively deal with armed citizens with whom they come in contact.

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